Warwickshire Watermills
D.T.N. Booth

This book was produced by the Midland Wind and Watermills Group. The principal author who did most of the research was Tim Booth. It was published in 1978.
It has been long out of print and the Mills group have no plans to reprint it. However we think that it is a document of great value to students of the subject.
The author had said that there are a number of errors but these are not recorded. He also said that this is not a complete study and that more mills that are long lost may be discovered by studying old deeds and maps of the various estates within the area to identify others.
This work on this on-line document was started in the spring of 2022 but we were unable to consult with Tim before he died in May 2022. We hope that making this available may be a suitable tribute to his work.
We may publish an errata sheet in due course.
If you wish to suggest amendments please notify the Midlands Mill Group.
These files are intended to be printed double sided on A4 paper.
They are in small batches to assist with production and compilation and to give a document similar to the original book.
It also means that when you get the settings wrong you create less scrap paper!

The book has been divided into seven sections (files).
Cover –              WMills1Cover.pdf (One sheet of card, two sided printing)
Body text –         WMills2Body1.pdf (first four double pages – Pages 1 to 8)
Body text –         WMills3Body2.pdf (next five double pages – Pages 9 to 16)
Body text –         WMills4Body3.pdf (next five double pages – Pages 17 to 26)
Body text –         WMills5Body4.pdf (next five double pages – Pages 27 to 36)
Body text –         WMills6Body5.pdf (next six double pages – Pages 37 to 48)
Photograph –    WMills7Photo.pdf (total 4 sides – Pages I to VII). This is at higher resolution and was inserted between pages 38 and 39)
Errata -

The above files have been prepared as we assumed that most people would wish to create their own printed copy, there are some who would prefer the document to be presented in 'linear' form. It is our intention to produce one in that format in due course.

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