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Specialists in membership and relational database work, in addition to all the normal advice like "What should I get or how do I get this going?" However our specialism is customised relational data base work".

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We are based in the West Midlands

This 'system for you' can be bespoke and maintained by us or designed and set up so it is fully customised by the client (that is you) or as a service to the client - we will do just what you need and create a database system customised for your requirements. The People Friendly approach

A system can be:

Used for:

All mail merged to target letters

In a conference centre it is used for course and room booking including time / facilities /duration / services invoicing and with links to customers clients and contacts.

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A flexible and friendly service that you can understand and tailored for you and probably doing more than you thought!

The People Friendly approach

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